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Review Business Development Performance

How to Review the Performance of Your Government Contract or Grant Business Development Team, Project the Future, and Make Adjustments
HigherGov offers a fully featured integrated CRM designed for government contracting and grant organizations. The CRM integrates the best practices of leading capture professionals and can be set up in minutes. If you are not currently a subscriber you can try out the CRM by signing up for a trial or scheduling a demo.

Pipeline Analysis

To start an analysis of your pipeline(s), select Business Development --> Pipelines in the sidebar or click here (must be signed in). Along the top of the page, you can filter the analysis by Pipeline and Pursuit owner, which allows you to better understand the performance of teams or individual team members.
Note that you must first have created a pipeline before being able to access the pipeline analysis page.


Shows the weighted and unweighted value of your pipeline by stage. You can filter the funnel to show different calendar years and can change the measurement to show the pipeline by dollar or by number of opportunities.
Note that if you have more than one Pipeline selected the funnel will show the pipeline stages relative to Award (-1 meaning one stage from Award, -2 meaning two stages from Award) rather than by name.


Shows the weighted and unweighted value of the pipeline by Year, Quarter, or Month.


Shows a breakdown of the funnel by different categories including Agency, Contract/Grant, Contract Vehicle, Owner, Pursuit Type, NAICS, Prime/Sub, PSC, and Set Aside. The analysis can be further filtered by Weighted and Unweighted pipeline and Dollar vs Count.


Shows opportunity Win / Loss rates and can be analyzed by dollar and count and by calendar year.
Need to make adjustments quickly? The Pursuits tab in the Pipeline Review allows for rapidly changing proposal due date, pursuit stage, p(win), p(go) and estimated value for multiple pursuits quickly. The Pipeline Analysis will be automatically updated after adjustments are made.