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Research and reach out to key procurement officers for your market

Government Buyer Tool

The Government Buyer tool provides a quick and easy way to identify the government procurement officers that are the most active in your target market. The tool sorts government buyers by their level of activity (both opportunities and awards) to identify those most relevant to your business objectives.

Common use cases for the Government Buyer tool include:

  1. Monitoring the relevant solicitations of contracting officers

  2. Sending capability statements or other marketing materials to contracting officers

To access the Government Buyer tool, go to Business Development --> Government Buyer in the sidebar or click here and select either Contracts or Grants (or click here for state and local opportunities). To search for government buyers, add Filters relevant to the market you are targeting.

For Federal Contracts, the recommended filters to add include (but are not limited to):

  • Agency (Awarding)

  • NAICS or PSC

  • Set Aside (select No Set Aside Used for Full & Open competition)

  • Place of Performance

For Federal Grants, the recommended filters to add include (but are not limited to):

  • Agency (Awarding)

  • Assistance Type

For State and Local Contracts, the recommended filters to add include (but are not limited to):

  • State

  • NAICS or PSC

  • Agency Type

The resulting search will provide a ranking of government buyers sorted by their Relevance in the filters you have selected. You can click on the Awards or Opps buttons next to each row to see the Awards or Opportunities that the contracting officer is associated with.

If you are not finding many results, you can try removing or broadening filters.

More Ways to Find Contracting Officers

The HigherGov platform provides several other ways to find relevant procurement officers.

HigherGov also provides a search to find specific procurement officers or to find all of the recently active relevant contracting officers in a given agency using People search. While less powerful than the Government Buyer tool, this can be a way to quickly identify specific procurement officers or all procurement officers in a particular agency.

Federal Sources Sought and Forecasts

By the time a solicitation has been released, it is often too late to provide relevant information to a contracting officer that might help them make informed decisions about how they will procure the contract (set-aside etc.). The Presolicitation and the Forecasting processes both provide opportunities to identify contracts before solicitation.

Soughts Sought Presolicitations and Sources Sought are semi-formal notices provided by the government typically looking for industry input and / or to create a list of potential vendors. Currently actionable Sources Sought and Presolicitations can be found in the contract opportunity search by using the Opportunity Type filter.

Forecasts Federal agencies are required by law to publish forecasts of opportunities they plan to solicit in the future to provide small businesses insights on upcoming bids. HigherGov tracks these forecasts as part of its Federal Opportunities search. As forecasts are often released 6 months to 2 years ahead of a solicitation, they allow a contractor additional time to reach out to the relevant contracting officer (listed on the Forecast), prepare for the solicitation, or build a team.

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