Adding Users to Your Account

How to add and remove users from your account

Adding Users

Most HigherGov plans (except for the Starter plan) allow for multiple users on a single account. To add additional users to your account, select the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page or click here.

Only account administrators are able to add users. If you need to add an administrator please contact us in the chat or send us an email.

Go to the Manage Users section and select the add user button on the right. Input the Name of the user and their email address and click the Add User button. That person will receive a Welcome Email with instructions to set up their account.

If you receive a message that the user already exists, please contact us in the chat or email us to transfer that user on to your account.

Resending the Welcome Email

If the user has not yet set up an account, there will be an option to Resend them the Welcome Email on the screen. The email is sent immediately, if the user still does not receive the Welcome Email, they should check their Spam folder. Please contact us in the chat or email us if you continue to have issues.

The option to Resend welcome emails is only available to annual subscribers. If you have a trial account, please chat or email us for instructions.

Removing Users

To remove users from your account, please contact us in the chat or email us.

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