DLA Opportunities

Find and research opportunities posted on the DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS)

DIBBS is the Defense Logistics Agency's system for acquiring "standardized material items of supply" (standardized products) for the Department of Defense. On average more than 10,000 solicitations are posted to DIBBS weekly, the vast majority of which are not posted elsewhere. Most solicitations posted on DIBBS will have associated NATO Stock Numbers (NSN).

HigherGov integrates opportunities found on DLA's DIBBS platform and provides tools to research related NSNs and other key competitive information.

Submitting bids to DIBBS requires a separate registration from SAM. Because this registration can take over a week, we recommend setting up an account on DIBBS in advance https://www.dibbs.bsm.dla.mil/Register/Default.aspx

Searching for DIBBS Opportunities

Current and historical opportunities posted to DIBBS can be found on the Contract Opportunity search page in the sidebar under Business Development --> Opportunities --> Contracts on the third tab on the page.

To find relevant opportunities, select the Add Filters button. The most common filters used for DIBBS Opportunities include PSC (also known FSC), NSN, and Set Aside. If you want to limit opportunities to those that are currently active, you can select the Active Opportunity filter.

You can learn more about searching in HigherGov here:

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Analyzing DIBBS Opportunities

Once you have found opportunities of interest, you can select the opportunity to open up on the DIBBS Opportunity page which will have key information about the solicitation including the set aside, order type, the availability of technical documents, the official solicitation document, and more.

The page will also show the purchase request details, suppliers included in the official solicitation document, and historical pricing details (with linked contracts). The historical pricing, in particular, can be valuable to get a sense of what price would be necessary to win based on historical prevailing bids considering the set aside, quantity, and the number of bidders.

If you want to bid on the opportunity, you can select the Quote option next to Source to go directly to the bidding page in DIBBS.

Analyzing NATO Stock Numbers

You can learn more information about a given NSN by selecting the NSN listed in the purchase request. This page will include additional details about the NSN including data from DLA's Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) and other information gathered and tracked by HigherGov.

The information included on this page includes:

Overview General information and identifiers associated with this NSN. You can see more details about most codes listed here (and elsewhere on the page) by hovering over the value.

Characteristics Government-defined standardized and product-specific characteristics.

Government Organizations Major Organizational Entities (MOEs) (also known as Service Agency codes) associated with the NSN. This will give an indication of which agencies are involved in managing or using the product in the life cycle of materiel management. Note that most of the values in the table will be the same for each agency.

Historical Pricing Historical prices and other key details on historical winning bids.

DIBBS Opportunities Historical and current solicitation details for opportunities posted to DIBBS.

Federal Contract Opportunities Solicitations for this NSN that have been posted to other government procurement systems besides DIBBS. These will most often include DLA opportunities in excess of $30,000 (which may also be posted to DIBBS) and NSN purchases by other agencies besides DLA (most often the Navy, Coast Guard, or DHS).

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