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Getting started with HigherGov API
The HigherGov API is only available to subscribers. We can also offer customized APIs per your needs. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Data Limits and Pricing

All HigherGov plans include access to the API and access to 10,000 records per month through the API. If you require more data, please contact us with your use case for pricing.


A list of available endpoints and fields is available in the documentation.

Creating Keys

API keys can be managed when signed in by selecting the gear icon in the upper right and selecting API or by clicking here. To create an API key select the Generate Key button. Note that the full key will only be available on this screen one time so make sure to copy and securely save the key.

Data Refresh Rate

Data is generally updated shortly after the underlying data source. Some examples are shown below.
Data Update Frequency
Prime Contract Awards
Contract Opportunities
20 Minutes
Prime Grant Awards
Grant Opportunities
2 Hours

Code Examples

Below are a few code snippets to get started accessing the API.
import requests
import json
# Define the Endpoint and Key
endpoint = 'https://www.highergov.com/api-external/contract/'
api_key = 'your-api-key-here'
#Define Parameters
params = {
'api_key': api_key,
'last_modified_date': '2023-07-06',
'page_number': '1',
#Call API
response = requests.get(endpoint, params=params)
#Convert Response to JSON
data = response.json()
#print(json.dumps(data, indent=4)) # Print the JSON
#Loop through results
for result in data.get('results'):
contract_award_id = result.get('award_id')
// Define the Endpoint and Key
const endpoint = 'https://www.highergov.com/api-external/contract/';
const api_key = 'your-api-key-here';
// Define Parameters
let params = {
'api_key': api_key,
'last_modified_date': '2023-07-06',
'page_number': '1',
// Convert parameters to URL query string
let query = Object.keys(params).map(k => `${encodeURIComponent(k)}=${encodeURIComponent(params[k])}`).join('&');
// Call API
.then(response => response.json()) // Parse response as JSON
.then(data => {
// Loop through results
data.results.forEach(result => {
let contract_award_id = result.award_id;
// Define the endpoint and parameters
$endpoint = 'https://www.highergov.com/api-external/contract/';
$api_key = 'your-api-key-here';
$params = http_build_query([
'api_key' => $api_key,
'last_modified_date' => '2023-07-06',
'page_number' => '1',
// Initialize cURL
$ch = curl_init();
// Set the options
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $endpoint.'?'.$params);
// Execute the cURL session
$response = curl_exec($ch);
// Close the cURL session
// Convert the response into an associative array
$data = json_decode($response, true);
// Loop through each item in the 'results' array
foreach ($data['results'] as $result) {
$contract_award_id = $result['award_id'];