Research Federal Contractors and Grant Recipients

How to Analyze the Past Performance, Market Access, Socioeconomic Status, and Partnerships of Federal Contract and Grant Awardees

Finding an Awardee

There are three primary ways to search for an Awardee on HigherGov:

  1. The Search Bar at the top of every page. Fastest if you already know the Name, UEI, or CAGE Code of the Awardee.

  2. The Awardee search (Market Intelligence --> Awardees in the sidebar or here). Best if you want to filter by Awardee characteristics such as Primary NAICS, Headquarters, Ownership Types, Obligations, etc.

  3. The Awardee Ranking Analysis Tool (Explore --> Analysis in the sidebar or here (must be signed-in) and then select the Awardee Rankings tab). Best if you want to research which Awardees are most prevalent in any combination of NAICS, PSC, Set Aside, Agency, Contract / Grant Type,awards or any other available search criteria.

Awardee Overview

The Awardee Overview provides high-level summary information on the Awardee.

If the Awardee has had material Contract or Grant awards in the past 3 years, a "Show Quick Stats" sub-section will appear that will give a summary of the Awardee's estimated set-aside percentage, largest agencies, NAICS and PSC codes, and Grant Programs as applicable.


Within the Overview section, there will be an item either labeled Child Awardee or Parent. If there is a hierarchy icon next to the label value, that means that the Awardee is either a Parent with multiple children awardees aggregated underneath or a child that has a Parent awardee.

Children can represent a subsidiary, an acquired company, or just an additional UEI or Cage Code created by the Parent Awardee (often the case when you see many children with the same or similar names).

Often if you are looking at a Child awardee, it will be more worthwhile to look at the details of the Parent to get a more complete picture of the Awardee and its history and capabilities.

Note that in all of the below sections besides Registration, if the Awardee is a Parent, all of the Parent's child awards will also be included. Accordingly, you may see award or partnerships listed with the names of child awardees in these sections.

Note that awardee hierarchies are inferred from government-reported award data. If you are an annual subscriber and need an Awardee's hierarchy to be manually reviewed for analysis purposes, please contact us or reach out in the chat.

Funding Analysis

Note that the Funding Analysis and the below sections will only appear if the Awardee has relevant associated data.

The funding analysis section provides additional detail on the Awardee and allows for easy analysis by time period and various other criteria. Five tabs are available:

  • Trends: Shows the trend in the Awardee's Contract and Grant obligations over the specified period

  • Shares: Shows a breakdown of obligated awards for each chosen Category. Note that totals may differ from the Trends tab due to not all information being available for all categories on each Award

  • Categories: Shows the top 10 values for the selected Category over the past 10 years

  • Maps: Maps Place of Performance for Prime Awards by state (Map) or zip code (Heat)

  • Vehicle Rankings: Ranks the Awardee's most important Contract Vehicles

Details on the data that is included in the Funding Analysis:

Scope: Data includes non-classified prime contracts and grants reported by the government and subcontracts and subgrants as reported by prime awardees. Adjustments are made to aggregate related awardees, remove likely erroneous data, and assign classifications. Timing: Data is typically available within 30 days of the award except for the Department of Defense, which is typically delayed 90 days. Data is presented as of the date of obligation. Aggregation: For acquired subsidiaries, data is presented on a pro forma 'past performance' basis from the date of the acquired awardees' formation. Years: GFY ending September 30.



Shows details on the Awardee's registration with the federal government including legal and DBA names, UEI, cage code, registration dates, specified NAICS and PSC codes, entity types, and points of contact.

Set Aside Classifications

Includes any size or socio-economic statuses self-reported when registering with the government, any SBA-certified set-aside and socio-economic statuses, and any other self-reported certifications. Note that the statuses here may not fully reflect an Awardee's ability to bid on certain contracts as Awardees do not always report complete information or keep their registrations updated and SBA size standards vary by NAICS code.

Schedules and Vehicles

GSA Schedules

Provides details on GSA Schedules that the Awardee holds (or held in the past). GSA Schedules are long-term multi-agency contracts that provide the government with access to millions of commercial products and services. Recently awarded GSA Schedules will usually have a copy of the Schedule available for download from this page. The Schedule will detail the products and services and the prices at which the Awardee can offer through the Schedule.

Contract Vehicles

Provides details on Master Contract Vehicles that the Awardee holds. Master Contract Vehicles are Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDVs) including Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity (IDIQs), Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPAs), Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), and General Service Administration (GSA) Schedules, held by multiple Awardees. You can click on the Vehicle to learn additional information including other Awardees and Vehicle Share.

HigherGov tracks over 4,000 contract vehicles comprising the vast majority of dollars awarded. If you are an annual subscriber and require an analysis of a contract vehicle we currently do not cover, please contact us or reach out in the chat.

Contract Awards (IDV, Prime, and Sub)

Details on prime Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDVs), Prime Contracts (awarded directly by the government) and Subcontracts (awarded by another Prime Contract recipient) awarded to the Awardee. You can click on any of the IDVs, Prime Contracts, or Subcontracts to learn additional information. You can further filter these sections either by typing whole words into the Search box or by clicking the Explore button to go to the relevant Search page and adding additional filters.

Grant Awards (Prime and Sub)

Details on prime Grants (awarded directly by the government) and Subgrants (awarded by another Prime Grant recipient) awarded to the Awardee. You can click on any of the Grants or Subgrants to learn additional information. You can further filter these sections either by typing whole words into the Search box or by clicking the Explore button to go to the relevant Search page and adding additional filters.



List of teaming partners for which the awardee is either a prime or sub on Subcontracts as well as the total count, value, and most recent associated award date. Note that this table will only include subcontract relationships that have been disclosed by the Prime contractor.


List of SBA Mentor Protégé teams the Awardee is a member of. The SBA Mentor-Protégé program helps eligible small businesses (protégés) gain capacity and win government contracts through partnerships with more experienced companies (mentors).

Joint Ventures

List of JVs the Awardee has an ownership interest in. Note that HigherGov tracks the ownership of the 500 largest Joint Ventures, which accounts for ~95% of Contracts awarded by dollar value.

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