Create a Pipeline

Create a pipeline to track your pursuits in HigherGov

HigherGov offers a fully integrated CRM designed for government contracting and grants. The CRM integrates the best practices of leading capture professionals and can be set up in minutes. If you are not currently a subscriber, you can try out the CRM by signing up for a trial account or scheduling a demo.

Creating a Pipeline

The first step in managing pursuits on HigherGov is to create a Pipeline. You can create a pipeline by selecting Business Development --> Pipelines --> [+] on the sidebar or clicking here. On this page, you can enter a Title, set a Pipeline Owner, and set preset or custom Pipeline Stages.

Setting Pipeline Stages

For the Pipeline Stages, you can select one of four available presets, or press the Customize Stage button on any of the presets to customize the number and name of stages as well as set custom p(win) and p(go) options. If you set a customized p(win) or p(go), these values will automatically populate in a pursuit when you change the stage. This can be helpful in encouraging weighting standardization across your pipeline.

Once you are done with the above, make sure to press the Save button in the upper right to finish creating the Pipeline.

If you are an annual subscriber and transitioning from another CRM or tracking method, please contact us or message us in the chat and we can help bulk migrate your Pursuits into HigherGov.

Editing the Pipeline

If you need to edit your pipeline in the future, you can do so by going to the Pipelines page and selecting the Edit Pipeline button in the upper right (if you have more than on pipeline, you must select a specific pipeline before editing).

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