Federal Grants and Subgrants

How to Easily Find and Pursue Federal Prime Grant and Subgrant Opportunities

The most direct way to search for grant opportunities is on the Contract Opportunity Search page, which can be found under Business Development --> Opportunities --> Grants in the sidebar or by clicking here.

On this page you can filter for grant opportunities by a number of criteria to narrow opportunities to those that are most relevant to your business including Agency, Grant Program, Applicant Type, Funding Instrument, and more.

Additionally, there are Quick search options to rapidly narrow down grant opportunities to Active Opportunities and Only Civilian or Only Defense Opportunities.

As you find potentially interesting grant opportunities, you can click the opportunity title to open the Grant Opportunity detail page to see the opportunity description, history, documents, similar opportunities, and other detail. You can also Follow the opportunity to easily access it later by clicking the heart button in the upper right of the page or add it to an existing Pipeline by selecting the pipeline dropdown in the upper right and choosing a pipeline.

Saving Searches

On the Grant Opportunity Search page (as well as all other Search pages on HigherGov), you can press the Save button to save your search to easily access later. When saving a Search you can also opt-in to receive an email notification when there have been new results for the search. You can access your saved searches at any time by selecting the dropdown arrow next to the Save button or by going to Tools --> Saved Searches in the sidebar.

Agencies and Programs

In addition to searching for grant opportunities directly on the Grant Opportunity Search page, you can also find grant opportunities on most Agency and Grant Program detail pages. You can further explore the opportunities shown on these pages by clicking the Explore button above each table of grant opportunities.

Potential Recompetes

Searching for Potential Recompetes

An effective way to find potential upcoming grant opportunities is to find relevant grants that may recompete. You can search for potential Grant recompetes from the Grant search page at Market Intelligence --> Awards --> Grants in the sidebar or by clicking here.

Here you can search for relevant potential recompetes by selecting the Potential Recompete option under Filters and then adding your own additional filters to customize your search (for example, Agency, Assistance Type, Place of Performance, etc.). The Potential Recompete filter looks specifically for grants that are more likely to have upcoming recompetes based on timing, size, and other criteria. Alternatively, rather than selecting the Potential Recompete Quick search, you can create your own custom filter using the Date End filter.

Once you have found potential recompetes, you can open the Grant to find additional details about the type of work being performed and the incumbent.

Potential Subgrants

The quickest way to search for potential subgrant opportunities is to go to the Grants search page under Market Intelligence --> Awards --> Grants (or click here) and select the Subcontract Opportunities Quick filter. This will filter for Grants that have characteristics that make them more likely to have subgrant opportunities. You can add your own filters such as Agency, Place of Performance, Grant Program or other filters to further focus on the most relevant grants for your organization.

Find and Analyze Federal Grants

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