Saved Searches

Save Searches and Receive Automated Alerts

On all Category Search pages on HigherGov once you have run a search, you can save that search by pressing the Save button, entering a Search Name, setting the Email Notification Updates frequency (optional), and pressing Save.

Receiving Saved Search Notifications

When saving a Search, you can opt-in to receive an email notification when there are new results. To receive notifications, select a frequency under Email Notification Updates (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) when saving a search.

Saved Search Notifications are available for all search categories that receive frequent updates. Stop future notifications by pressing the Unsubscribe link in the notification email or on the Saved Search page (see below).

Automatic Notifications

Many detail pages on HigherGov, including Awardee, Government People, and Agency pages have a Notify option in the top right to automatically create Saved Searches with weekly alerts when there are new results.

You can access your saved searches at any time by selecting the dropdown arrow next to the Save button and selecting the name of the saved search you would like to open.

To update a saved search, run your new search and press Save as described above. In the Search Name box either start typing the name of the search you would like to replace or select the dropdown arrow and the name of the search you would like to replace and press save.

Managing Saved Searches

To see and manage your and your saved searches, select the Saved Searches option near the bottom of the sidebar. Here, you can view results, change the email notification frequency, and delete saved searches.

If you share an account with other team members, you can view their saved searches by selecting the Team Searches tab at the top of the page.

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